bespoke_icon2Solid Surfacing

Solid Surfacing has become very popular, the material offers the durability of stone yet the workability of wood providing a hard wearing surface suitable for use in washrooms, kitchens, offices and design focused furniture in both commercial and domestic environments.

It is a solid, non-porous material made up of acrylic resin and natural minerals and its surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria meaning the surface is hygienic and often used in hospitals, hotels, airports, kitchens and retail outlets.


Sinks can be fitted into the surface seamlessly giving the effect of one continuous piece of solid surfacing. Whilst solid surfacing is more expensive than laminate finishes, its strength and durability should mean that it outlasts laminate finishes,

with any scratches or marks that occur throughout the course of its use usually being able to be removed in-situ, without having to replace the surface.


For large areas of solid surfacing it can be delivered to site in sections for ease of transport and locating, a specialist can then joint the pieces together without a glue line in sight.


Available in a variety of finishes ranging from solid colours through to stones effects

Specialising in creating

firm, strong, compact or substantial.
material forming or used to form a surface.

  • Kitchen worktops
  • Retail Counters
  • Reception Tops
  • Furniture
  • Cladding (interior/exterior)


Founded in 1925 Wedd Joinery combines traditional wood working skills with advanced manufacturing technology to create bespoke joinery.



Laminating is a very cost effective, long lasting and practical choice for many surfacing requirements with an endless choice in colours, textures and finishes.