Wedd Joinery has been involved with Laminating since its introduction and were one of the first in Britain to experiment with postforming.

Today, hot and cold presses, CNC panel sizing, PUR and Hotmelt edgebanding, static and continuous postformers mean that the company can produce any design using standard, postforming and solid grade laminates.


Laminating is a very cost effective, long lasting and practical choice for many surfacing requirements, with endless choice in colours, textures and finishes.

We have the facilities to bond to a variety of substrates such as MDF, Plywood and Chipboard using various sheet sizes upto 10 x 5 (3050 x 1525mm) using laminates such as Abet, Egger, Formica and Polyrey to name a few.


Our longevity within the joinery world means we have built and continue to nurture our relationships with suppliers, ensuring the best quality and prices time and time again.

Specialising in creating

thin sheets superimposed and bonded together by synthetic resins, usually under heat and pressure.

  • Laminate Fabricating
  • Bonded Panels
  • Postforming
  • Worktops
  • Educational sector furniture
  • Washrooms/Cubicles
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Retail Display

Melamine Faced Materials such as MDF and Chipboard are faced both sides in paper which is treated with melamine resin, cutting down manufacturing time as no pressing or bonding is required, therefore only requiring cutting to size and being edged before going out the door.


High Pressure Laminate is a versatile surfacing material which can be flat bonded or postformed to your choice of core material.  With its easy care properties it is a regular choice for commercial and domestic environments also with a huge choice on finishes, colours and textures available.


Compact Panels offer the highest impact strength and water resistance for the most demanding circumstances such as exterior cladding, laboratories, educational facilities, cubicle and bathroom areas.  Made using tissue overlay (for printed

décor) consisting of one decorative solid or print design paper on both sides impregnated with melamine resin, the core of the compact material is made from black kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and is available in different thicknesses.


We have recently been involved in manufacturing a lot of laboratory furniture for schools and pharmaceutical companies which choose to use Trespa TopLab Plus known for its supreme durability and hygiene benefits due to a scratch resistant surface, available in many different finishes and colours it means that the environment can still be appealing to the eye yet functional.


By working closely with our customers we can ensure we create their desired finish.


Founded in 1925 Wedd Joinery combines traditional wood working skills with advanced manufacturing technology to create bespoke joinery.


Solid Surfacing

Solid Surfacing is a solid, non-porous and hard-wearing material made up of acrylic resin and natural materials, offering the durability of stone with the workability of wood.